Cal State Long Beach students apprehensive to return to campus as COVID cases rise

Cal State Long Beach officials say they're looking at options for spring semester and will provide an update in the coming days.

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Thursday, January 6, 2022
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Some Cal State Long Beach students say they want more online classes instead of returning to campus for spring semester.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- California State University Long Beach students begin spring semester on Jan. 20.

Some students say they're not ready and wish they had the option to do all classes online as COVID cases rise.

"I feel like every day COVID cases are rising. It's getting worse. I'm nervous to go back on campus because it's not just going to be a small group of people. It's going to be a lot of people and regardless of being masked up or being vaccinating, I feel like it's still spreading very fast," said Andrea Lopez, a junior at CSULB.

Other students are comfortable returning to campus.

"I'm excited. I have my classes in person and hopefully, fingers crossed, it stays that way. I wouldn't mind going all virtual. I had time and space to myself, but it is my last semester and I want to enjoy the memories, be back on campus," said Katin Cedarholm, a senior at CSULB.

School officials say students can build their class schedule to be all online during their registration, but students tell us they don't have that option.

They say when they sign up for classes, they're already designated as in-person or online.

"Everybody has a right to choose whatever makes them feel safe. Do I think that there should be online classes and online courses for the people that don't want to return to campus? Yes," said Kaila Sayeg, a sophomore at CSULB.

Other California state campuses have taken measures.

California State University Los Angeles announced the first three weeks of classes will be remote.

The California State University system requires all faculty and students to be fully vaccinated and get a booster shot to access school facilities or their programs. But certain decisions like classes are left for each individual school to decide.

ABC7 reached out to officials with CSULB and they say they're examining options for the upcoming semester and will provide an update in the coming days.

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