California Donuts shows off their wildest creations!

ByJose Mayorquin KABC logo
California Donuts shows off their wildest creations!
Every bite is an adventure at California Donuts in Koreatown.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Since 1982, this "mom and pop" bakery in Koreatown has been hopping. Danette Kuoch now co-owns her parents' shop where their motto is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Kuoch knew that she wanted to put her creative side into the donuts so one day, she got the idea to put a Snickers candy bar inside a donut. What?! Oh, yes! And that was just the beginning.

At California Donuts, every bite is an adventure: From their donuts topped with breakfast cereal to their themed donuts, and some of the cutest creations you'll ever see.

In their panda donut, they use 100% pure chocolate. Their maple bacon donut has maple frosting with bacon on top and satisfies your sweet (and savory) tooth. They even had the idea to take everyone's favorite Girl Scout cookie, Thin Mints, and chop them up for a donut topping and then drizzle it with dark chocolate. They enjoy staying creative when it comes to coming up with new donut flavors, and they say that's what brings in more foodies for a taste adventure.

"Every single bite that you take from each donut is going to be a different flavor and different surprise," said Kuoch.

Find your new favorite donut flavor at California Donuts, 3540 W. 3rd Street in Koreatown, Los Angeles.