Will the US reach herd immunity against COVID-19? The many factors explained

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Friday, May 14, 2021
Will the U.S. reach herd immunity against COVID-19?
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A medical expert explains if the U.S. will reach herd immunity.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Officials continue to loosen COVID-19 health restrictions and expand vaccine eligibility. But how close is the U.S. to herd immunity? Or, will we ever reach it? According to health officials in Los Angeles County, the region could reach herd immunity by this summer.

Dr. Elizabeth Hudson with Kaiser Permanente explains.

What is herd immunity?

"The simplest way to sort of think of this is - herd immunity is when enough people have protection against a particular infection. That protection can come from a vaccine or from natural infection and enough people have protection so that that infection stops spreading."

Will the U.S. reach herd immunity?

"So that's an excellent question you know, there are many people who think differently about it. If you talk to Dr. Fauci, the thought is if we get or closer to maybe 75 or 80% of people, you know, having some form of immunity against COVID that potentially we might reach it. Others are not as sure about that."

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