Cambodian restaurant week kicks off in Long Beach

Cambodian restaurant week is March 19 to 26.

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Saturday, March 18, 2023
Cambodian restaurant week kicks off in Long Beach
Here are some suggestions on where to eat during Cambodian restaurant week in Long Beach.

Shlap Muan is a Cambodian restaurant combining chicken wings with Cambodian flavors.

Shlap Muan means chicken wings in Khmer, a language spoken in Cambodia.

"My 'Cambodian dirt' is my best selling seasoning. It's my take on Kreong. Traditionally, Kreong is a lemongrass paste. It's a wet paste. I took those flavors and those ideas and turned it into a dry seasoning," said Hawk Tea, owner of Shlap Muan.

Tea's restaurant is participating in Cambodian restaurant week in Long Beach: a city that has the biggest population of Cambodians outside of Cambodia, with many coming to live in Long Beach after fleeing their country because of genocide.

"Unity through food is probably the best unity you can have, because there's no politics behind it. There's nothing behind it. The only thing that gets behind it is pure love of food," said Chef T, an organizer for Cambodian restaurant week.

If you're looking for traditional Cambodian food, you can go to Little La Lune Cuisine.

"Our most popular dishes here are the phnom penh noodle, cha wai and beef lok lak and another one is chitterlings," said Ponnaoith Heng, owner of Little La Lune Cuisine.

The portions are huge and perfect for sharing with family with flavors of roasted garlic, dried and fresh seafood and fresh cilantro and green onion.

Cambodian restaurant week is happening from March 19 to 26.

You can find a list of participating restaurants on their website.

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