Video shows car driving backwards on Washington freeway

TACOMA, Wa. (KABC) -- Drivers in Washington state might've been slightly confused when they saw a car next to theirs driving backwards on the freeway.

It was a puzzling sight that was caught on video.

The man behind the wheel of that car apparently had a sudden power steering failure. He reacted by slamming on the brakes, which spun his car around and only then did the steering start working again.

Not knowing what else to do, he aimed for the nearest exit, figuring his reverse trip wouldn't last more than a minute.

"I just stayed focused, I don't look around but I see cars driving by and I'm like 'Do they not notice I'm going backwards?,'" said Nathaniel Grayson. "Time just slowed down... and I felt like I was just in the matrix, like 'I can do this.'"

Turns out, the steering issue is a problem that Chevy Malibu owners have been complaining about for years. General Motors reportedly did a recall to fix the problem.

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