New high-tech car seat tools could save kids from hot car deaths

The Consumer Electronics Show usually features a lot of high-tech tools and toys that often do not have a real-world use. But a pair of devices featured this year could help prevent hot car deaths of children.

The devices are from an Italian company and are called the Tata Pad and the Tata Band.

It is a smart car seat alarm that senses when a child has been left in a car seat. The technology links with a parent's smart phone and sends alerts if a child is detected after the car stops, but the device does not stop there.

"It will notify the parents and it has an escalating sequence of notifications if you do not respond with the three minutes, then four minutes, then seven minutes emergency officials are called," said Mashable transportation reporter Sasha Lekach.

On average, more than 30 children a year die from being left in a car seat in hot weather.

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These are the types of technologies that can help save lives. The products may not be as flashy as big screen televisions, but these could be much more important.

You can find the Tata Pad selling for $75 on the company's web site.

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