Still smelling that foul odor in the Carson area? Here's what public officials want you to know

CARSON, Calif. (KABC) -- Los Angeles County officials are continuing their efforts to get rid of an overwhelmingly pungent smell coming from the Dominguez Channel in Carson and have some advice for families coping with it.

Residents are urged to run their heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems or portable high-efficiency portable air filter overnight, while keeping their doors and windows closed.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Works is spraying a non-toxic, biodegradable deodorizer into the channel to try to alleviate the smell.

In addition, a system of aeration devices will be installed to speed up decomposition of the organic matter in the channel believed to be causing the smell. Officials note the process may cause "short-term peak" in odor issues.

Carson residents say foul odor in the air is making them sick
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Residents in Carson say they've had enough of the foul odor they claim has been lingering over the city for more than a week.

The county is also offering reimbursements for the purchase of air filters and purifiers, along with hotel stays and meals.

The foul smell, described as a mixture of rotten eggs, gas and "The Walking Dead," began plaguing residents earlier this month.

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A foul odor in the air that has not gone unnoticed by residents in the Carson area is believed to be coming from an organic material drying out in the Dominguez Channel.

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