Television studio for elderly proves creativity is ageless

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- Channel 22, a television studio serving more than 160 residents at a retirement community in Woodland Hills, proves that creativity is ageless.

Anne Faulkner, a retired actress, says she spent her whole career in front of the camera, and now in her early 80s, she's behind it.

"As an actor I never had much involvement in the other aspects of the industry, but I do now, and I've learned the appreciation of it," she said.

Faulkner is in charge of the 24/7 programming for Channel 22, which serves the Motion Picture and Television Funds Retirement Community.

Some of the folks living here you might recognize, like actress Connie Sawyer, who most recently starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Dodge.

When she's not on camera, the 102-year-old sits at home watching original programming on Channel 22.

Everyone living here has some connection to Hollywood. And it's safe to say, these guys aren't slowing down.

"I can still function and do the things that I love to do and have a good time," said Anthony Lawrence, a retired writer and producer.

The entire vision of Channel 22 was created thanks to a generous donation from former producer-director-writer, Mel Shavelson.

For now, their work is only broadcasted to residents and posted on YouTube. But they want more and hope to eventually broadcast to surrounding households on cable.

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