On The Menu: Hit up Cheba Hut in Riverside for sandwiches so good you'll want to inhale them

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Friday, April 7, 2023
Hit up Cheba Hut in Riverside for toasted subs and chill vibes
It's high time to take a trip to Cheba Hut in Riverside, a destination for hot toasted subs and a chill vibe.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- It's high time to take a trip to Cheba Hut in Riverside, a destination for hot toasted subs and a chill vibe.

Tyrone Myles and his family opened their Cheba Hut location in 2020 to celebrate good food.

"It's a marijuana theme but the food is not infused with anything. But it embraces the culture, and when people come in and see that and taste the food, it's like home to people that are open-minded to that concept," said owner Tyrone Myles.

The sub sandwiches are all named after different strains of marijuana. But again, don't go getting all paranoid -- nothing here is infused with cannabis.

The #1 seller is the Kali Mist -- thick garlic bread with roasted turkey, bacon and melted pepper jack cheese. Once it goes through oven it's topped with jalapeño, avocado and chipotle mayo.

The 2nd best seller and my favorite: the White Widow. It's a combination of grilled chicken, bacon and ranch, with a house made dressing sprinkled on top.

The subs come in three different sizes: 4, 8, or 12 inches. They cost between $7-15.

Any sub can be made into a salad.

And in the spirt of embracing marijuana culture, the restaurant boasts a secret stash. There you will find a couple more subs to choose from.

"I grew up in Riverside all my life and the first time I came in here I was like what the heck, how come we never had anything like this before. You can't find this anywhere else really," said general manager Michelle Lopez.

Cheba Hut operates a full bar as well. It's the place to be for Tuesday trivia nights and live music every Friday.

Before you head out don't forget to grab a dessert for the inevitable munchies.

Myles said thanks to his customers and his employees, a new location will open in Ontario this fall.

"Our customers are phenomenal. Coming here is like eating at home. We let the employees know they're appreciated and them seeing our appreciation and wanting to stay here and grow with our company warms my heart, keeps me going."

Cheba Hut is located at 3505 Market Street STE 101 in Riverside.