Sean Penn nonprofit hopes to expand testing, offer COVID-19 vaccination at Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Actor Sean Penn's nonprofit that staffs COVID-19 testing at Dodger Stadium is hoping to increase testing capacity - and set up the site for vaccine distribution.

The Oscar-winning actor runs CORE Response with cofounder Ann Lee.

Testing at Dodger Stadium is run by the city of Los Angeles. Penn and Lee say they want to increase testing at CORE's sites.

"Right now we're at 30,000. We're going to increase that by anywhere between 30-50% in the next few weeks," Lee told "Good Morning America."

Dodger Stadium has the capacity to test up to 13,000 a day. The entire city's testing system has the capacity to test about 39,000 a day.

Once supplies of a COVID-19 vaccine are available, Penn also hopes to make Dodger Stadium a site for mass vaccinations.

CORE is looking to partner with Los Angeles County to get a direct supply of vaccinations and help make them widely available.
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