Nurse explains how easy it is to spread germs, even while wearing gloves

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Monday, April 6, 2020
Nurse demonstrates how easy it is to spread germs while wearing gloves
Keep this in mind! Even while you're wearing gloves, it's easy to cross-contaminate.

SAGINAW, Michigan -- A Michigan nurse is warning people about cross-contamination, even while wearing gloves.

Molly Lixey, an infusion nurse, was frustrated by seeing shoppers improperly using gloves to protect themselves from the coronavirus, so she posted to Facebook to give a warning about cross-contamination and how easily it can happen.

In the video recorded at her home, Lixey simulates a trip to the grocery store. She uses paint to represent the germs, showing how easy it is to spread them through phones and car doors, even while wearing gloves.

Lixey, who has years of ER experience, said it terrifies her "to think people believe they are safe only because they are wearing gloves."

People are "so fearful right now they will do anything to protect themselves, but it's important they do so properly," she said.

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When it comes to protective coverings, the CDC advised on Friday that face coverings should be worn in public settings such as grocery stores and pharmacies.

However, federal health officials said that does not mean people should stop social distancing.

Watch the video above to see the nurse's entire demonstration.