Devastated Kagel Canyon residents get helping hand after losing homes in Creek Fire

SUNLAND, Calif. (KABC) -- In Kagel Canyon on Saturday, devastated homeowners were getting a helping hand after losing everything in the destructive Creek Fire.

More than a dozen homes were lost in the Kagel Canyon area, and residents were now digging through the debris.

"We're looking for anything, you know, jewelry, family memories, you know, documents - anything that we could find. Unfortunately, it's just a bunch of ash and broken plates," shared Edward Gonzalez, whose aunt lost her home in the fire.

The Red Cross brought in some much-needed supplies, from rakes and shovels to sifters, giving residents hope as they search through the ash.

"We're entering the recovery phase now. We're trying to help the people who are affected by these fires to get back on their feet. You know, they're going through the hardest times they've ever gone through," said Jon Meyers of the American Red Cross.

Most in the canyon had to run for their lives with no time to grab much of anything as the flames closed in.

From treasured heirlooms to heartfelt mementos, residents were searching for anything.

"We've only been here a year. We knew what we were getting into. I've lost all my family heirlooms, but you don't need them to think about them every day," said a positive Jonathan Durre, who lost his home.

The Red Cross said it will return to Kagel Canyon on Sunday, and will check on the victims of the Skirball Fire, which scorched portions of the Bel Air area.

The Creek Fire is 85 percent contained and is expected to reach full containment by Monday, fire officials said.

The blaze has burned nearly 16,000 acres and has destroyed 56 homes and 49 other buildings along its path.

All evacuation orders have been lifted, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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