Feed SoCal food drive: L.A. artist Davia King spreads message of peace with T-shirt design

Davia King uses her psychology background and her art to inspire and spread love

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Thursday, June 16, 2022
L.A. artist spreads message of peace for ABC7's Feed SoCal food drive
Davia King uses her psychology background and her art to inspire and spread love.

VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Davia King is an L.A.-based artist who has created a wearable work of art for ABC7's Feed SoCal food drive.

"I can't think of another career path that would give me this much satisfaction," King stated.

"Before I was an artist I was studying psychology, and so I'm very curious about the human experience. I really try to incorporate my psychology background with symbolic messages to share with humanity."

"I feel like I could reach more people this way, instead of working with people one on one or by becoming a psychologist or a life coach. An artist, I think, is just a really great observer."

King described her Feed SoCal t-shirt design. "This piece, it's two images, hugging. Ones in white and ones in black. And a lot of times when people see this, their initial interpretation is going to be racial."

"While that's a beautiful message, and it's the first layer of that message, my work is multi-dimensional."

ABC7 partnered with Smile South Central to identify muralists willing to donate their time to create t-shirt designs to support our 11th annual Feed SoCal food drive.

She continued, "Before people can ever come together in the world, we have to have peace within ourselves."

"This is our light embracing our shadow. And our shadow is the parts of ourselves that we suppress, that we hide, we deny, we pretend don't exist."

"Our light is how we heal. It is incorporating this balance...shining a light into our shadow so we can see what's there, so that can help us turn a weakness into a strength in some way."

"Once we begin to give it some attention, then it becomes more balanced in our life. When I hear that feedback of 'I'm inspired,' then I know I did my job."

"I feel grateful that I have the courage to do what I'm doing. To then spread the energy of inspiration to others."

"I choose to invite others to join me in that, and to spread more of a vibration of love on the planet as we go through all these changes together."

ABC7 will donate 100% of its proceeds from the sale of the exclusive Davia King-designed T-shirt to support our 11th annual Feed SoCal campaign.

To purchase a T-shirt, visit ABC7's apparel shop.

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