Boring Company's proposed underground tunnel to Dodger Stadium gets public hearing

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Elon Musk wants to change how Los Angeles Dodgers fans get to home games.

The Tesla chief wants to build a tunnel from Dodger Stadium to somewhere along Metro's Red Line.

It would be an underground, high-speed "dugout loop" that could carry 1,400 people to the stadium per event. Rides would cost about $1.

Public debate will take place Tuesday at Dodger Stadium.

"If it's something that's going to help you avoid all the traffic going in and out of the stadium, any stadium - football, basketball, baseball -- that's a good idea," Dodger fan Alan Herrera said.

Dodger fans like Herrera are talking about the proposed tunnel. The tunnel is billed as a zero-emission, high-speed, underground public transportation system from Los Feliz, East Hollywood or Rampart Village to Dodger Stadium.

The 3.6 mile tunnel would run from Dodger Stadium to property owned by the Boring Company near the Metro Red Line stations.

"That would be great," Dodger fan Nicholas Ortiz said. "Sometimes the traffic around here can get pretty crazy."

The dugout loop would initially carry roughly 1,400 people to the stadium per event. That number would eventually be expanded.

The public debate will be at Dodger Stadium and starts at 6 p.m. and expected to end at 9 p.m.
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