Harrowing video now used to remind drivers to stop for school bus

(YouTube, West Virginia Department of Education)

Stopping for a school bus takes only a moment, and this video illustrates just how important that moment can be.

A bus' dashboard camera captures a child exiting a bus as two cars pass by, despite the bus' arm being extended and the horn blaring at them to stop. As the child crosses in front of the bus, another car is coming around the bend. The boy doesn't notice because he is waving goodbye, and the approaching car refuses to slow down, culminating in a shocking near miss.
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The scene took place in 2008, but in the past week parents and students alike have been sharing the video as a reminder as children go back to school that stopping for school buses is about more than just following the law--it could be life and death.

School Bus Fleet reports that no citations were issued because of this incident, but some remedial action was taken. The West Virginia Department of Education asked to use the video to help teach the public about school bus safety, and both the West Virginia school system where this took place and the boy's mom--who witnessed the scary encounter from her porch--signed off on it.

This dramatic video is just one of many being circulated as a reminder to watch out for school buses and to always stop when the law requires. Every state and the District of Columbia has laws about when you should stop for school buses.

Read about your state's laws here.

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