Pacoima girls learn wood-working at free workshop

PACOIMA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- DIY Girls is a non-profit organization that is running a two week wood-working workshop for free. They teach the girls how to use power drills, work with wood and other tools.

"I've been exposed to some power drills because of my dad but not like a wood burner," said Julieta Rangel, a sixth grader that lives in the area. "Table-saws I've seen my dad use but I've never been able to use one before so it was a lot of fun being able to use it."

DIY Girls has programs at a few schools in the Northeast San Fernando Valley as well, which is how Julieta found out about the free summer workshop.

"The goal is to get girls interested in stem careers which tend to be male dominated. That's why our program services only girls," said Cristina Gutierrez, Director of Programs at DIY Girls.

The girls also get to add their own personal flair with paint and fun designs. While building a wood box for plants that they will bring home, they are also germinating plants to put in their planters.

All of DIY Girls' programs provide the girls with supplies, hands on activities and are taught by both men and women who work in the fields that are related to each individual program.

Some of their programs include teaching girls how to code, create electronics and workshops on inventing solutions for issues in their community.
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