Encino parents create own school amid LAUSD teachers strike

ENCINO, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The ranch-style house on Weddington Street in Encino may not have a playground or a principal's office, but it has plenty of students -- 18 of them. They're there taking part in what their parents call "Strike School."

"We want to keep them stimulated, and we want to keep them learning," said parent Jacey Hayes, who along with nine other parents organized the makeshift home schooling effort. "Depending on the family that is hosting, they have a curriculum that goes to that family's strengths."

Each day, it moves to a new home with a new parent acting as teacher. The student body consists mainly of fourth graders with a handful of first and second graders mixed in. On Thursday, the kids were studying math and learning about football. Playing the part of teacher was Corey Moss who usually makes a living as a producer.

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He took a day off from work Thursday for his turn as educator.

"I think that's the sacrifice that each family is making in order to support our teachers and support our school," Moss said.

The kids seemed to be having fun, sharing couches and sitting on the living room floor as Moss explained the intricacies of football, then worked math into the lesson.

"They miss their teachers, they miss real school and everything, but I think we're doing an OK job of keeping them entertained and showing them a variety of different things," he said.

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But Moss and Hayes both hope the strike will come to a quick resolution, one that favors the striking teachers.

"Until then, we're going to keep 'Strike School' alive," said Moss. "And if it has to be for a few months, we'll do it and figure it out."
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