Transcript of 911 call from Enrique Marquez released

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- An affidavit containing terrorism-related charges against Enrique Marquez - the friend and former neighbor of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook - outlined a transcript of his 911 call a day after the attack.

Marquez was charged Thursday with three counts connected to the terror attack carried out by Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik. The couple used guns - two of which were purchased by Marquez - to kill 14 people and injure 22 at the Inland Regional Center.

Marquez called 911 in distress on Dec. 3.

911 operator: And what's wrong? Why do you feel like you want to kill yourself? What's going on?
Marquez: I don't know. My neighbor. He did the San Bernardino shooting.
911 operator: Your neighbor did what?
Marquez: He did the San Bernardino shooting.
911 operator: Your neighbor was in the San Bernardino shooting? He died or what he was the shooter or what?
Marquez: He was the shooter.
911 operator: He was the shooter?
Marquez: The (expletives) used my gun in the shooting.
911 operator: You said he used your gun?
Marquez: Yes. Oh my god.
911 operator: How do you know it's your gun?
Marquez: They can trace all the guns back to me.
911 operator: It wasn't. How did he get your gun?
Marquez: I couldn't have it at home because I have brothers and then I got moved and then I can't have it around.
911 operator: So you gave him your gun?
Marquez: Only for safe storage.
911 operator: It was in storage?
Marquez: Yeah.
911 operator: How did he get it out of storage?
Marquez: It wasn't in storage. To me, he was reliable enough for him for storage, like to store my gun.
911 operator: Oh, you had him store you gun?
Marquez: Yeah. And then he...Why did he have to do it?
911 operator: What was the guy's name that had your gun?
Marquez: It's Syed Farook.

Later that day, Marquez checked into the UCLA Harbor Medical Center's emergency room. He told medical personnel that his mother called him earlier telling him the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had been to her house asking about him.

He told medical personnel that he did not normally drink, but had consumed nine bottles of beer prior to his arrival because he was upset, according to the affidavit.

He was then taken to the psychiatric ward and placed on an involuntary hold.
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