Actor Bill Skarsgard transforms his career as 'Pennywise' in 'It'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The hit horror film "It" will continue its terrifying reign over the box office.

For its second weekend in theaters, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel should add another 50 million dollars to its record-breaking opening week's total.

The film has already proven to be a game-changer for the career of actor Bill Skarsgard, the man who transformed into the demonic clown "Pennywise." The 27-year-old Swedish actor said he had trouble forgetting about the character when filming was over.

"I think it's just like you being in a really destructive relationship, you don't I realize that you were in one until it's over," said Skarsgard.

"So it's kind of a little bit like that for me. I wrapped the movie and then 24 hours later, I was in my childhood home in Stockholm with my mom having tea. And I had like a two week period of very vivid dreams of the character, sort of like him leaving my body in a sense. It was fun."

Skarsgard comes from an acting family. His brothers, Alexander and Gustaf, and his dad, Stellan, all make their careers making movies. Bill is more than ready to add a planned "It" sequel -- or "second chapter" -- to his list of credits.

"I've been thinking about Pennywise for four months straight. So letting go is always sort of an emotional thing," said Skarsgard.

"There's a lot more to explore in the character, Pennywise. I think the second one would delve deeper into who he is and what he is."

Along with a proposed "It" sequel, Skarsgard has five more movies, and a web series in the pipeline.
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