Anthony Anderson and his Mama Doris return for more fun on ABC's 'To Tell the Truth'

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- Host Anthony Anderson and his endearing "Mama Doris" are back for season four of the ABC game show "To Tell the Truth." It's an updated and reimagined version of the classic show that began back in 1956. But Mama Doris says there is one major difference: they get more laughs!

"I'm just telling the truth," said Mama Doris. "We're funnier."

"See how she worked that in?" laughed Anderson. "Telling the truth!"

Mama Doris is known to tell it like it is... and by now, her son has learned to take her surprises in stride.

"Well, mother, I've lived with you for 48 years so you can't shock me," said Anderson. "But the things she does shocks the world, it's old hat to me. It is what it is. It's my mother."

There's plenty of fun to be seen all season; and in a future episode, we'll see Mama Doris... getting hypnotized.

"Every time I said this buzz word my mother would just scream "Bingo!" said Anderson. "So for about an hour every time I said the buzz word, she'd go "Bingo!" And she's like 'Why do I keep screaming bingo?' Now that was the most fun I've had on the show."

Season four of "To Tell the Truth" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.
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