'For the People' returns for 2nd season with new twists

The ABC legal drama, "For The People," has returned for its second season.

And two of the show's stars, Charles Michael Davis and Britt Robertson, say when it comes to what you'll see, the word "more" seems appropriate.

"You're always going to get more," Robertson said. "We have to up that ante every time. And we gotta keep those stakes high."

The young lawyers from "For The People" are back working on high-profile and high stakes federal cases.

And, as is now the custom with this show, you never know what's on the way.

Davis joins the show in a powerful new role.

"I get some fun lines to say and you'll see in the first episode, one of my favorite little monologues with Britt's character," Davis said.

One storyline this season deals with a familiar legal issue and in the process, reveals a nurturing side to the stern clerk of court, played by Anna Deavere Smith.

"She has an incredible episode in episode 2, when they're dealing with immigration and deportation," Robertson said. "You really get to see a different side of her character that's compassionate and warm and it truly breaks your heart when you see this episode."