'Frozen' facts that will melt your heart

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By now we've all seen Frozen for the billionth time and we love it more and more each time we hear "Let It Go." But, there are many details in every snowflake of this movie that you may not have noticed. If you love Frozen as much as we do, these fun facts will completely melt your heart with happiness:

1. Elsa's hair was originally going to be black.

2. Disney Animation held a "Sister Summit" where they gathered all of the women on the team that had sisters and asked them questions in order to better understand the sister relationship.

3. John Ripa sketched Elsa while Idina Menzel sang in the studio to capture Menzel's passion while singing.

4. A group of artists went on a research trip to Norway to gain inspiration for Arendelle's design.

5. The official crest of Arendelle is a crocus, a symbol of rebirth and spring.

6. At one point, Elsa was going to be blue.

7. The idea of Kristoff as an ice harvester came late in production.

8. Sven almost had just one horn.

9. During Olaf's song "In Summer," the backgrounds and shapes were changed to look more like Olaf.

10. The rock crystals the trolls wear are inspired by the Northern Lights.

11. Elsa's ice castle is based on the science of snowflakes.

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