'Incredibles 2' star Sophia Bush on her love for the animated franchise

Sophia Bush is a big fan of Pixar movies, but has the most love for the original "Incredibles" released in 2004.

Fourteen years after the first "Incredibles" was released, Bush is the new voice of the budding superhero, Voyd, in the franchise's sequel, "Incredibles 2."

"To have 'The Incredibles' be my favorite of all those wonderful movies, and then to be asked to be in the sequel, and have this great opportunity to play this little supporting role to Holly Hunter's Elastigirl is really a dream come true," Bush said.

Bush calls the experience surreal. She voices the character, Karen, whose superhero name is Voyd.

"She looks like a cool, strong, young girl, who's really figuring out her identity," Bush said. "It all coincides with the way the world is examining how we treat women in society, in the workplace, and it is very perfect."

"Incredibles 2" is in theaters now and is rated PG.
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