The biggest moments from last night's VMAs

Sunday night's Video Music Awards won't go down in history as having a "Miley moment" like last year's twerking incident, but that doesn't mean it wasn't eventful.

Here are all the most talked-about moments on social media to guide you through that water cooler talk, whether you tuned in or opted to sleep.

  1. Nicki's dress popped open.
    Nicki Minaj's wardrobe malfunction was easily the biggest "oops" moment of the night. She held her dress closed while performing ''Bang Bang'' with Jessie J and Ariana Grande.

  2. Katy did an epic Britney impression.
    Speaking of wardrobes, Katy Perry and Houston rapper Riff Raff paid tribute to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's famous 2001 matching denim outfits after a Twitter dare from Spears.

  3. T-Swift's quirky seat dancing strikes again.
    Taylor Swift also made waves with her wardrobe and by just being herself. The singer rocked out on stage to "Shake It Off" and rocked out in the audience to...everything else.

  4. Rock history was made
    During a night of girl power on the performance side, it was Lorde who made history as the first woman to win Best Rock Video, though some argue that "Royals" is not really rock.

  5. Sam Smith crooned.
    Many tweeted about the celebrities not enjoying themselves, though they put the phones down during Sam Smith's sweet, emotional performance of "Stay With Me."

  6. The Robin Williams tribute fell short.
    Many called the Robin Williams tribute the most disappointing moment of the night, as it was short and seemingly put together quickly.

  7. Ariana Grande cried when she met Jim Carey.
    Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels "Dumb And Dumber" bit got mixed reviews, but Ariana Grande's excited reaction to being presented with a Moonman by Carey was dubbed adorable. She admitted to crying when she met him.

  8. Pharoah did a host of impressions
    Host Jay Pharoah of SNL did plenty of impressions, with Jay Z and Kayne West being some of the favorites.
  9. A moment of silence was held for Ferguson.
    The night had some serious moments, including Common's moment of silence for those affected by the violence in Ferguson.

  10. Miley surprised us again.
    Miley Cyrus is a talker for a very different reason this year. When given the Video of the Year award, Cyrus gave her speech time to a homeless youth named Jesse. The singer's post about the cause on her Facebook page has since gone viral.

  11. Bey blew everyone away...
    But Beyonce was, not surprisingly, the biggest name of the night, performing a marathon medley from her album in "Flawless" form before accepting the Video Vanguard award, her most important of several.

  12. ...and then made them "aw."
    The biggest moment of the night was arguably after her performance, when the singer shared a sweet embrace with Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, kissing her husband and squashing rumors that their marriage has taken a turn for the worst.
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