Who's hiding the biggest secrets on 'The Catch?'

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They're some of the most skilled investigators and con artists in the world. (WPVI)

They're some of the most skilled investigators and con artists in the world. But not everyone on ABC's The Catch is who they seem. Everyone has a hidden motive and a game to play on ABC's suspenseful new drama, and they'll do whatever they can to keep their secrets from being revealed.

Here's who's hiding the biggest secrets on The Catch:

5. Margot Bishop

Bold, brash and undeniably confident, Margot is never afraid to speak her mind or take out enemies when working a job. But now Margot has to be discreet while she poses as Alice's therapist.

4. Danny Yoon

You'd think that working at Anderson/Vaughan Investigations, your colleagues would have no problem digging up dirt about your personal life. But Danny Yoon has not only been able to hide his feelings for his coworker Sophie from his other teammates, he's also kept his steamy new affair with a military client strictly confidential.

3. Agent Jules Dao

He's been hard at work trying to catch Ben while appearing to be a friend and confidante to Alice. But Agent Dao still has no reservations about secretly bugging Alice's house, taking long hours to keep a close eye on Ben and his associates, and doing whatever is necessary, no matter how against the rulebook, to get the job done. Agent Dao's business card says he works for the government, but nobody really knows who he reports to while he's watching things unfold from the shadows.

2. Benjamin Jones

Ben's misdeeds have been laid out on the table for everyone to see: He lied to his fiancee about being a con artist, then he stole her money, and packed his bags and ditched her without warning to continue his life of crime. But when Ben finds himself close to Alice again, he discovers he still has feelings for his former lover, and those emotions could greatly jeopardize his criminal career and land him in jail. Sure, he's rich, but money is much more useful when you're not locked up in a jail cell.

1. Alice Vaughan

Alice has worked hard to build a reputation as one of the best investigators in Los Angeles. She's determined, intelligent and will stop at nothing to get the job done. But Alice seems like she's trying to compromise all of her hard work when she finds her heart being stolen again by Ben's thieving arms. Nobody knows what Alice is really up to or what her ultimate game is on The Catch, and that truly makes her the game's most dangerous player.

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