Expectant couple asks for elaborate meals from friends, drawing ire on social media

PHILADELPHIA -- A Philadelphia couple's crowdsourcing request has left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth.

The couple is expecting a baby at the end of the month and the dad is a bit worried about being too tired to properly support his wife after the birth of his child.

They turned to a Meal Train website asking strangers to make and drop off meals after the birth of the baby.

But what gets people who saw it posted on a Philadelphia sports writer's Twitter account is how specific they are with their meal requests.

They are asking for more than 30 primarily Paleo recipes.

Take breakfast for example. They're requesting egg muffins with thinly sliced cremini mushrooms.

Dinner ideas included a spiced lamb meatball dish.

They let people know the mom-to-be really dislikes mashed potatoes, and if you can't bring food, you're welcome to come vacuum, wash dishes, or walk their dog.

But if they decide they don't want any visitors, they'll leave a big white cooler in the side yard for you to leave food and snacks when they can't be bothered to answer the door.

Some people on social media said they understand the need for help with a new baby, but most found this couple's request extreme.

One woman tweeted, "They're having a baby, not both dying of cancer. Reality is hopefully going to slap these two in the face one day."

The New York Post contacted the couple who apparently were surprised and disheartened by the social media reaction, and said the public plea was primarily aimed at friends and family.
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