Survey says 'I do:' Fayetteville holiday proposal during game of Family Feud captures hearts

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- A Christmas family gathering turned into a marriage proposal that went viral.

Fayetteville couple Joshua Powell and Kiana Myrick shared a heartfelt holiday moment in a video that people around the country have seen. The video showed Powell asking Myrick questions in a makeshift game of Family Feud.

With Myrick facing away from him, Powell asked her a series of wedding-related questions like "name a day a woman always dreams about" and "name something a woman wears all white to." Finally, he said, "How would you finish this -- will you marry me?" Myrick said, "Yes, I will," and laughed without realizing that he was actually serious.

Powell then said, "Might as well make it official, right?" before getting down on one knee.

Powell's mother posted the video to Facebook, where it now has more than 21,000 shares.

The couple had been together since high school, come 2021, the two will be known as the #powercouple.

"It's everything, hands down. Definitely won't forget, best gift ever," said Myrick.
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