10-year-old boy returns $900 to woman who lost envelope of cash in Alabama Target

An Alabama mother says her son learned a lesson in integrity and empathy when he returned an envelope of lost cash to its rightful owner.

Parisa Dudley said her 10-year-old son Foster found a bank envelope with $900 at a Target in Hoover, Alabama, last weekend. Inside, it had a receipt from a local credit union and a woman's name and signature, the mother wrote on Facebook.

Parisa said when her son first found the cash, he asked if they could keep it, but she asked him how he would feel if he was in the woman's shoes.

Foster quickly answered, "Mom, we have to find her and give it back."

Parisa said it took two days for the store manager and local police to track down Verdina Ball. When they did, Foster was there to return the money to her.

Photos posted to Parisa's social media show Ball hugging Foster with a smile.

As an added bonus, Foster was given a $100 Target gift card for his kindness!
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