Make food prep a breeze with these gadgets, apps

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Make food prep a breeze with these gadgets, apps
Whether you're packing your kids' lunchboxes or prepping for the Labor Day grill, these apps and gadgets can make food prep a breeze.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Whether you're packing your kids' lunchboxes or getting the grill ready for Labor Day, September has its own reasons to be thinking, "Food." To help make cooking easier, tastier and "tech-ier," check out these great gadgets and apps.

Gadgets and gizmos

Innovate Products Mini Sealer

This little bag sealer works in mere seconds to seal up just about any plastic bag, keeping your bagged food fresher, longer.

Innovate Products
Innovate Products 'The Mini Sealer.'

Prepara EVAK Vacuum Jar

This glass jar has a special handle that pushes out air, creating a freshness vaccum.

Kuhn Rikon Universal 'Smart Lid' covers your food while it simmers, and has a steam release feature.

Kuhn Rikon Universal Smart Lid

Because messy is not tasty, the Smart Lid lets out steam while your food simmers, and it's a great splatter guard while boiling.

Kuhn Rikon 'Universal Smart Lid', keeps that simmering food covered, while still letting out steam

Handy Can Opener

This can opener is hands-free. Press one button and let it do the work. Plus, the lid comes off without those rough edges.

The 'Handy Can Opener' opens cans, hands-free

Quirky Stem Citrus Spritzer

If you cook like I do, your meals probably need a little flavor adjustment. Insert the Citrus Spritzer into a lemon or lime, and you've got a little citrus flavor boost.

The Quirky
The Quirky 'Citrus Spritzer' can give your mediocre meal a flavor boost.

SpreadTHAT Butter Knife

This butter knife uses your body warmth to heat up, so you can power through that pesky pad of hard butter from the fridge

Heated 'SpreadTHAT Butter Knife' uses the heat from your hand to melt your butter

Quirky Grill Wrangler

If you're still craving that ground chuck, flip burgers with this versatile tool - tongs, a spatula and a fork in one.

Quirky 'Grill Wrangler' three-in-one utensil - tongs, spatula and fork

Smart phone apps

Big Oven app

It's the perennial pantry problem: do I eat well, or do I eat fast? Well the app Big Oven boasts more than 350,000 recipes, including all the healthy stuff!

'Big Oven' app for smart phones, with more than 350,000 recipes.

All Recipes app

This app is like social media for food. Post your meals and get advice and feedback from fellow foodies.

'All The Recipes' app for your smart phone is like a culinary social media site