Fullerton man's truck stolen on 60th birthday during burglary spree

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Celebrating his 60th birthday, Fullerton resident Art Vangeloof found his Ford F-250 truck taken from his driveway.

"It was kind of a sad day too, you know, have your truck stolen on your birthday morning," Vangeloof said.

Police believe the crime was tied to a recent burglary spree in the neighborhood near Medford Place and Greenview Place.

"It's still unnerving. Nothing ever happens in this neighborhood. So to have something happen alarms everybody. You know, we've got kids and good people here," Vangeloof said.

Surveillance video shows a man rifling through the back of a truck. Police believe he is one of the two suspects behind three weekend crimes in the area.

In addition to taking Vangeloof's truck, police believe suspects broke into several other vehicles and a nearby garage.

"Inside the garage, there was a gun safe. He was able to take the gun safe and an undisclosed amount and type of weapons," Fullerton Police Department Sgt. Jon Radus said.

Fullerton police have asked for the public's help in finding the thieves and provided a warning as many prepare for the holidays.

"Don't leave anything of value in plain view. Make sure your residences are locked as well, especially during this time of year," Radus said.

Vangeloof said his truck was locked and hopes someone spots his truck and all of the other stolen items.

"It's not a new truck by any means, but it's been used for a lot of projects and to help a lot of people. So, (I) would love to have it back," he said.

One other victim suggested keeping remote garage-door openers out of sight inside cars, as not doing so resulted in the suspect entering her garage.

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