Japanese game show has contestants blow a dead bug into each other's mouths

Meanwhile in Japan, there's a game show were contestants try to get each other to eat a dead insect by blowing it into each other's mouths. In just one day, the video has racked up millions of views across Facebook and YouTube.

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AKBingo! is a variety show starring Japanese idol girl group AKB48, hosted by comedy duo Bad Boys. On the show, the cast and audience participate in many pranks, hijinks and outrageous competitions. In this instance, the show pits two women against each other to see which could blow a cicada into the other's mouth.

The participants put their mouths to a plastic tube, with the cicada in the middle, and whoever blows the hardest wins the grand prize: not getting a bug in their mouth. Within a few seconds, the woman on the left overpowers her opponent's breath, who gets a mouthful of cicada.

The cicada is a winged insect, similar to a locust, and is reportedly eaten as a delicacy in parts of China, Burma, Latin America, and the Congo.
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