God's Garage celebrates 10 years of helping women in need

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Monday, August 2, 2021
Single mom surprised with new vehicle after crash
God's Garage is celebrating 10 years of helping women in need! They repair and donate vehicles to get single moms, widows and wives of deployed military back on the road.

CONROE, Texas -- When you have a working vehicle, you barely notice it. But when you don't, you realize life is much more difficult.

After decades as a local pastor, Chris Williams wanted to create a new kind of ministry to help those who had no way to get around.

He opened non-profit God's Garage ten years ago, and has repaired and donated hundreds of vehicles with the help of volunteers.

All of the vehicles are given away to single moms, widows, and wives of deployed military.

ABC13 was there as Marissa Sonnier was surprised with a new vehicle after another driver hit her and totaled her old car.

For more info on how you can volunteer or sign up to receive, visit the God's Garage website.