Class of 2020 honored with adopt-a-senior program at Citadel Outlets

The Citadel Outlets partnered up with Ruby's Diner to honor students of the class of 2020 through a special adopt-a-senior promotion.
COMMERCE, Calif. -- On Tuesday, the Citadel Outlets held a special curb-side event to celebrate the students of the class of 2020 through their adopt-a-senior promotion.

"COVID-19 has primarily affected places of low socioeconomic status far more than other communities," said Julian Jimenez, a senior at Garfield High School who benefited from the promotion. "So, I feel ... Citadel being next to Commerce and East L.A. that this is ... a real opportunity for people in struggling neighborhoods to get recognized."

Citadel partnered up with Ruby's Diner to organize this promotion for local high school seniors to register to receive gift cards.

"What we did was encourage people to nominate their graduating seniors this year to come out and celebrate and honor these kids," said Samara De La O, senior director of marketing at the Citadel Outlets. "It's a great way to celebrate these kids. They've endured so much."

Each student was gifted a Ruby's Diner meal voucher for two people and Citadel gift cards that were purchased by a family member, friend or stranger.

Some of the students were greeted with their senior portrait posted on the large LED boards alongside the I-5 freeway, which were also gifts from sponsors.

"It's crazy because of this whole pandemic that's happening," said Cynthia Cruz, a senior at Schurr High School who stopped by to pick up her gift cards. "No one really expected people to come out for the class of 2020 and do all these sorts of things."

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