Greyhound rescuers to see influx as Florida bans racing

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Greyhound rescuers to see influx as Florida bans racing
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As Florida bans greyhound racing, SoCal animal rescuers expect to see a big increase in animals needing adoption.

LA HABRA HEIGHTS, Calif. (KABC) -- Animal rescuers who specialize in greyhounds are about to get a lot busier.

Voters in the state of Florida recently decided to shut down Greyhound racing by the end of 2020. And as each racetrack closes, hundreds of greyhounds could need new homes.

That means thousands of greyhounds will likely be transported all over the country to rescues who will work to find the dogs loving homes.

Joyce McRorie has been doing that for years, primarily taking dogs from the track in Tijuana.

She runs FastFriends Greyhound Adoption in La Habra Heights. She sees up to 130 greyhounds a year. She finds they often get foster families within a day of arriving at her facility.

Those that are injured, however, stay longer so they can heal. The facility runs up a six-figure annual veterinarian budget to care for broken ankles and other ailments.

Joyce says all the money comes from donations, and all of it is used on greyhounds waiting to start new lives.

"They are clean, caring wonderful animals," she says.

Joyce doesn't get into any of the controversy that surrounds the sport. She says she just loves the breed.