VIDEO: Suspects ransack Hacienda Heights home, search underway

HACIENDA HEIGHTS, Calif. (KABC) -- A Hacienda Heights family watched a creepy scene play out on camera as two men ransacked their home -- now they're asking for help catching the culprits.

It was Thursday night and the Valenzuela-Frias family was out of the house for just 45 minutes, but in that short time, their house was scouted, broken into and burglarized by thieves.

"They took jewelry, watches, my husband's wedding band, they took all my handbags. They took cash, my daughter's camera," said Rose Valenzuela-Frias.

Valenzuela-Frias said 2.5 years ago, someone shattered the sliding glass door to their home and ransacked their property.

"When it happened the first time, the police said that a dog would be the biggest deterrent and we kind of put it off because we don't have time, we work," she said.

They installed cameras, which happened to catch everything that happened this time around.

The two people were so busy ransacking the place, they didn't notice a small camera in the upper corner of the living room.

You see a clear shot of both of the suspects' faces. You hear them talking to each other and to a lookout waiting in a getaway car outside.

"The car drove up to our driveway. The guys ran in and out, dropping stuff, and nobody saw anything," Valenzuela-Frias said. "I think we need to be more vigilant, and I'm not vigilant as much as I should be as well. I think it was an eye-opener, too."

If you recognize any of the suspects, you're urged to call the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
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