HIV: What does U equals U mean?

U=U stands for undetectable equals untransmittable. But what exactly is U=U and what does it mean for the average person living with HIV?

In a nutshell, U=U states that people living with HIV who are on antiretroviral therapy and have been undetectable (less than 40 copies in a milliliter of blood) for at least six months cannot infect others through sexual transmission.

Three international studies showed no HIV transmissions among mixed-status couples when the partner with HIV was undetectable for 6 months or longer. This included more than 75,000 acts of reported condomless sex among mixed-status heterosexual and gay male couples.

The studies were HPTN 052, PARTNER and Opposites Attract. To date worldwide there are no verified reports of someone getting HIV from a partner who is undetectable.
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