Valley Relics Museum: A flash from the past of the San Fernando Valley

LAKE BALBOA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- This place takes you back to the past showing some of the unique history of the San Fernando Valley.

"As time went on things started to disappear, and I found myself explaining to newcomers to the Valley or people coming into the area, of what used to be here and how cool it was," said Tommy Gelinas, founder of The Valley Relics Museum, "I started to realize where did our history go."

Gelinas started a blog called The Valley Relics Museum Online Museum and Vault that included old photos and blog posts of history about the San Fernando Valley. The community really enjoyed the blog and started to donate to his collection that he had started in North Hollywood.

He soon ran out of space to hold the relics and now the museum takes up two airplane hangars at the Van Nuys Airport; filled with landmark signs, photos and relics from iconic movie sets that were shot in the San Fernando Valley.

"Some of the neon signs, some of the automobiles, some of it is very reminiscent of things from my childhood even though I didn't grow up in this area. Rexall drugs, the country squire station wagon, it really does take you back." said Beverly Hoffman, who was visiting family in the area from Chicago.

The museum is great for all ages and is open Thursday through Sunday and opens at 11am.
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