Action challenges are key as 'Holey Moley' evolves into more than playing putt-putt

HOLLYWOOD -- Thursday nights mean it's time to tee up for another round of miniature golf and a new episode of "Holey Moley." But we all know this show isn't just about sinking a putt.

Sideline host Jeannie Mai says the physicality that goes with this competition has taken on the mantra of "more, more, more!"

"ABC has not said 'no' to our executive producers. So they have taken it far and beyond creativity," said Mai. "They've taken it to a level of insanity where I wonder now if some of them are okay."

Mai loves that the series keeps topping itself as far as challenges for the contestants.

"When I look at season one, I think that season one is soft, compared to where we've gotten to take it to!" said Mai.

One of the games is called "no apparent fear of death." Mai says that title pretty well sums up the people who are willing to play this game.

"You think that when we cast for people to actually join the show, you would think that people are like, 'Okay, you guys are crazy. Now you're losing it," said Mai. "I'm shocked, mortified and scared for these people who actually accept these challenges. And everybody does it."

Mai thinks the true fun of the show is that you never know what could happen.

"You either nail it or you don't; and either way it's on TV and you'll have this tape for the rest of your life!" laughed Mai.

"Holey Moley" airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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