Hollywood sign aerial tram: Los Angeles City Council approves exploring idea

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Thursday, October 4, 2018
LA City Council Oks exploring Hollywood sign aerial tram idea
The full Los Angeles City Council has approved the idea of exploring an aerial tram to the Hollywood sign.

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The full Los Angeles City Council has approved the idea of exploring an aerial tram to the Hollywood sign.

The City Council's unanimous approval Wednesday allows city officials to study the feasibility of various safety, traffic and park access improvements around the iconic sign.

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Warner Bros. is proposing a new idea for people to see the Hollywood sign and said it's ready to put its money behind an idea that's been around for years -- an aerial tram.

"For far too long, our City has gone without a comprehensive plan to address safety, access and mobility around the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park," Councilmember David Ryu said in a press release. "That changes today."

Thousands trek to the sign every month. Some use ride-sharing apps, which has led to complaints from locals about nightmare traffic.

With that, the City Council has hired a transportation consulting firm for possible solutions.

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A city consultant says it's worth considering a second Hollywood sign on the Valley side of the hills to make things safer for tourists and less congested for residents.

The aerial tram would be just one idea. There is no word on when the consultants will give their recommendations.

Wednesday's approval comes amid a number of recently implemented traffic and safety measures around the sign and Griffith Park, the press release stated.

These traffic and safety measures include new way-finding signage, new no-smoking signage, and over $1 million in dedicated traffic enforcement for the area around the sign in the city's 2018-'19 Budget, the first time the sign has ever received funding of this level in the city's annual budget, the new release stated.