International Tango Summit dances its way to LA

ByAnabel Munoz and Jessica Dominguez KABC logo
Saturday, September 14, 2019
International Tango Summit dances its way to LA
The annual International Tango Summit has arrived in L.A. Filled with tango aficionados and admirers, the four-day summit is a place for students to learn, professionals to compete and for all to enjoy.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The International Tango Summit is a place for students to practice and professionals to compete.

"People come as far as Europe and South America and some people come from Asia to compete," Marcos Questas said.

Marcos Questas and his wife Ruta Maria are bringing Argentina to LA for a second year, and they make quite the dancing duo.

"Most is the soul and the connection that you put into it," Questas expressed.

Epitomizing the intimacy and passion behind the Argentine Tango. They believe you don't find tango, tango finds you.

One might describe it as scary for beginners, but for Marcos' it's in his blood. He learned from his grandfather in Buenos Aires. Questas says it's artistic and along the lines of a classical ballet.

Meanwhile, we met ten-year-old Sofia, who has been dancing since she was two!

"You can do embellishments, you can stick your foot out and it's really fun to dance," the young dancer said.

So whether you're a pro or an amateur, you can come visit a workshop, watch a show or come to the Tango World Cup at the four-day summit happening now through Sunday, 9/15, at the Hilton at LAX.

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