Reeves, Winter as 'Bill & Ted' return to 'Face the Music'; continue the party after 30 excellent years of friendship, fun

Watch the interview with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in the video below.
HOLLYWOOD -- Back in 1989, two guys named Bill and Ted went on an "excellent adventure" at the box office. Two years later, they took a "Bogus Journey." Now, almost 30 years later, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return one more time for "Bill and Ted Face the Music."

And once again, Bill and Ted find themselves on one more excellent- and extremely important -adventure. The guys from San Dimas, California, still want to unite the world through their music. Most definitely, that has not happened. But both Reeves and Winter loved re-visiting these characters.

"They're fun to play and they're really special people and I think they- they kind of offer the best of us in a way," said Reeves. "Not the best, best, best but really good!"

"And it's really fun to live in that world and see the world through Bill and Ted's eyes and it's a happy world to inhabit even with the challenges that come at them," said Winter.

As they travel in time to see what could be, they find themselves in prison and buff beyond belief.

"Al, I think you have a special spot in your heart for transformation," said Reeves.

"It's actually my favorite kind of acting to do," said Winter. "And, you know, I don't mind having glue put on my face for hours at a time but I would also say we had some of the very best people in the business doing it, which helped considerably."

I first interviewed these two actors together some 30 years ago when Bill and Ted were still in high school.

"Hopefully, people will enjoy the film and, you know, we had a blast making it," said Reeves.

"Bill and Ted Face the Music" becomes available on Friday, August 28th, simultaneously on streaming services and in select movie theaters.
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