Elsa the baby koala introduced to the world

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Elsa the baby koala introduced to the world
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This video of a baby koala named Elsa is so cute that we just can't let it go!

SOMERSBY, Australia -- An adorable baby koala named Elsa was introduced to the world after being born at a reptile park in Australia.

She's being raised by a zookeeper because her mother can't care for her.

"Both mum and bub are doing amazingly in care and will be reunited in no time," the zoo said.

Video shared by the Australian Reptile Park shows Elsa being fed, getting a tummy rub and snuggling up in a blanket.

If you're wondering, yes -- she was named after Elsa from Disney's "Frozen."

Disney is the parent company of ABC and this station.

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