See incredible video of lighting strikes across San Francisco Bay Area

Stunning shots of lightning strikes were captured on video around the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend.

Monday, August 17, 2020
ABC7 cameras show lightning across Bay Area
Mother Nature is putting on quite a display Sunday morning. ABC7's cameras around the Bay Area captured some amazing shots of the lightning show.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Mother Nature put on quite a display! ABC7's sister station KGO captured some amazing shots of the lightning show around the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend.

As you can see in the video player above, some of the clips were slowed down so you can see the bolts.

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Many people around the region were woken up by the thunder and are staying up to watch the lightning.

This rare thunderstorm came as the Bay Area continues to experience intense, record-breaking heat -- similar to the scorching conditions in Southern California. Rolling power outages are impacting hundreds of thousands across the state.

Lightning strikes started Saturday in San Luis Obispo, moving up overnight. There's moisture associated with this, not just dry lightning.

VIDEO: Rare thunderstorms hit Bay Area, with lightning filling the sky amid heat wave

This best-of video shows lightning streaking across the skies around the Bay Area.

According to CAL FIRE, there were many fires sparked by lightning strikes. And the storm caused power outages as well.

At one point early Sunday morning, more than 200 lightning strikes occurred in less than 30 minutes across the Bay Area. Winds close to 50 miles per hour were seen as storms rolled through.

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