Murals for Medical Relief honors healthcare workers with public art in Illinois Medical District

Two Chicago-based arts organizations have created a new Murals for Medical Relief campaign, fundraising for area hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic and honoring health care workers with public art in the Illinois Medical District.

"We're connecting small business owners with artists, and having murals dedicated to frontline health care workers," said Mateo Connor, co-founder of Chicago-based art activation agency Muros.

Small businesses in the Illinois Medical District neighborhood are donating their walls, artists are volunteering their time, and Muros is donating all painting supplies.

Dwight White II was the first artist to participate. His mural was based on a health care worker in his apartment building, who he's seen coming home late from hospital shifts.

"Really, it's all about raising awareness. I think that all these murals have in common is that they'll bring people a lot of joy," White said.

Muros is collaborating with media production company VINCO on the project, combining the public art and a digital campaign to fundraise $50,000 for neighborhood hospitals.

Currently they plan to sponsor five murals in the area, which could expand if the campaign is successful.