Flood victims in Lomita say insurance company will not pay for damages

LOMITA, Calif. (KABC) -- Some homeowners claim an insurance company for a country club is not paying for damages after a reservoir on its property overflowed and impacted houses.

A rain storm on January 22 overflowed a reservoir at the Rolling Hills Country Club, producing a massive waterfall behind a residential community in Lomita. Roughly two dozen homes were damaged, including a home owned by Roberta and Steve Greenberg.

"We repaired the damage. We had to, because in order to be safe in the house we're out of pocket more than $30,000," said Roberta Greenberg.

The insurance company housed another homeowner, Jeff Schoen, in an extended stay hotel. The company has not paid out reimbursements to him or the Greenbergs.

"I can't live there, so somebody owes me a house," said Schoen.

A representative for the Rolling Hills Country Club said more than 50 individual claims have been made related to the reservoir failure. He added that more than 80 percent have been settled. The representative also said in a statement:

"It is our intent to continue working diligently and in good faith to ensure that each and every claim relating to this situation is brought to closure in a timely fashion..."

The months of stress have overwhelmed the Greenbergs. They hope to find a lawyer who can guide them through the process.

"I'm a nurse, Steven is a cartoonist. We don't know how to do this. Hopefully we can find an attorney who is about justice and not just about the dollars," said Roberta Greenberg.
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