Legendary Mexican band Los Bukis reunites in LA for 1st tour in 25 years

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Thursday, June 17, 2021
Mexican band Los Bukis reunites in LA after 25 years
After 25 years, the Mexican band Los Bukis are reuniting for a tour, beginning with a limited concert series kicking off in Inglewood at SoFi Stadium.

Los Bukis became a massive hit in Mexico and across much of Latin America beginning in the 1970s. Their love songs still play on Spanish-language radio, and the band -- which formed in Michoacan, Mexico -- remains a household name for generations of many immigrant families in the US..

After 25 years, the band -- including lead vocalist, composer, and living legend Marco Antonio Solis -- are back together in what he described as an inspiration from reflecting during the pandemic

"The times we've been through are what inspired me. Inspired me to make this decision," said Solis. "Not with the mind, but with the heart."

For the first time, all seven band members will be on stage together for a limited concert series kicking off in Inglewood at SoFi Stadium where they made the announcement.

Each one of the musicians thanked God and their fans, "Like Marco said, they've never forgotten us. They keep supporting our music," said Roberto Guadarrama.

"Before anything, I want to thank God who gave us the talent, who gave us such a prolific composer," said Eusebio "El Chivo" Cortez.

They described their reunion as magical and say they will be playing their greatest hits come August, beginning in Los Angeles, then making stops in Chicago and Arlington, Texas.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that the group was from Monterrey, Mexico, but the group is from Michoacan.