Victim in Los Osos High hidden cam scandal speaks out

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Saturday, November 19, 2022
Victim in Los Osos High hidden cam scandal speaks out
As a former Los Osos High School coach was sentenced for secretly videotaping girls on the Rancho Cucamonga campus, one of the victims spoke out.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (KABC) -- Publicly revealing her name for the first time, Jordan Stotts is speaking out, knowing that images of her were found on a hidden camera placed inside a girls locker room and bathroom by a former Los Osos High School assistant football coach David Riden.

Stotts is now part of a lawsuit filed against the Rancho Cucamonga school and the district.

"You truly destroyed my life. Once I was a girl who could take on anything. Now I'm a girl who's scared and doesn't know what to do," she said. "Riden, the game you played was sick. I talked to you almost every single day thinking how nice and (how) sweet of a person you were in thinking of you as a coach who loves his job. But this whole time, you've been going behind all of our backs, which is sick."

Riden pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine years and four months in state prison. It happened August 2021.

A statement made by the superintendent of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District shortly afterwards said they notified law enforcement immediately after finding the camera and were cooperating fully with their investigation. But Stotts says the district didn't not handle the situation appropriately.

"Students were going around the halls staring at us, posting on social media, talking, mocking, even a football player chanted things at us that were very offensive to make us feel bad, like this was all a joke," she said.

Attorney Gloria Allred represents 48 different victims in the lawsuit.

"The sentence imposed by the court this morning was very disappointing to many parents that we represent. Although Mr. Ryden will be sent to prison, some parents felt that he should be sentenced to substantially more time in custody," Allred said.

In a statement, the district said, "The Chaffey Joint Union High School District and Los Osos High School were and remain deeply concerned about this disturbing incident. Our support for our students is unwavering, and we will not tolerate any actions that infringe on their privacy."

Allred said at this point, they have no evidence the videos were distributed online. However, investigators told her they have identified 21 girls on the videos.