On The Menu: Madres Brunch in Whittier serves up Insta-worthy dishes, drinks

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Sunday, August 6, 2023
On The Menu: Madres Brunch in Whittier serves up Insta-worthy dishes
Madres Brunch in Whittier serves up Insta-worthy dishes, including their best-selling strawberry shortcake pancakes, which come with a touching story.

WHITTIER, Calif. (KABC) -- Madres Brunch in Whittier is the newest social media sensation. The restaurant features bright colors, fun flavors, lattes and champagne galore.

"It's hard to believe sometimes that you're creating something that people are loving," said Mel Zepeda, co-owner of Madres Brunch.

People are coming from near and far to take a bite into these Insta-worthy entrees.

Emily Manzo and her daughter drove in from Riverside.

"The coffee flights are amazing, 'The Journey' is a must have, and the chilaquiles are really good as well," she said.

Zepeda, Christian Ayala and executive chef Luis Angel Arciniega opened Madres Brunch in November 2022, bringing their Latino culture into tasty brunch recipes.

Menu items include birria omelettes, chilaquiles, a pistachio waffle and French toast. But the best seller by far are the scrumptious strawberry shortcake pancakes.

The plate is called "The Journey," named after a life altering moment between Zepeda and his son.

"I became a father at the age of 15. And then at the age of 18, my son was 3. I couldn't afford a strawberry shortcake ice cream. Back in the day in Compton you had the paleteros that come by with the bells, and I couldn't afford a strawberry shortcake ice cream. I just started crying and said this is never going to happen again. And it didn't," Zepeda said.

The fact that they're delicious is just icing on the pancake.

Eight months in business and Madres Brunch is thriving. To keep things exciting, every month for one month only, three new food items are added to the menu.

During the month of August, you can order a French toast apple pie, carnitas chilaquiles, the third special is a surprise.

And don't sleep on their coffee. Madres Brunch offers more than 20 types of lattes. The owners say they wanted customers to have a place where they can get good food and good coffee - not one or the other.

Other specialties include the mimosas, margaritas and micheladas.

"We're all excited. We're like, we're doing something right. This just basically, it makes us feel even better knowing what we're doing and what we're creating is getting known out there," said Zepeda.

Madres Brunch is open for breakfast and brunch seven days a week in Whittier and Bellflower. They also serve many vegan items.

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