Thornhill Broome Beach: One of the best-kept secrets along PCH near Malibu

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- The Pacific Coast Highway has some of the most breathtaking stops on the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but a unique spot may be Malibu's best-kept secret.

Just off PCH on Thornhill Broome Beach near Malibu, one can find a scene of serenity, one that catches the attention of those driving by like L.A. residents Daniel Fielding and Dawson Boese.

"Yeah, this is one of my favorite spots. I come out to Point Mugu a lot," said Fielding.

Found across from the large sand dune hill stamped with footprints of recent visitors, Daniel and Dawson stumbled across these rock cairns, some stacked high, others low. They too gave it a shot.

"These rocks are just really easy to stack...I think someone started doing it and then it just became, like, a thing," Boese said.

It's the outdoor activity they needed, despite how it ended, like the waves, crashing down.

"We were trying to stack it as high," said Boese about their attempt to stack a pile of rocks.

"We could've stopped...yeah we could've stopped, but we wanted to keep going," added Fielding.

It's this time outdoors that will bring Daniel and Dawson, and others, back for more.
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