Man exposes himself to driver in Woodland Hills road rage incident

WOODLAND HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A road rage incident in Woodland Hills turned into a case of indecent exposure after one of the drivers allegedly dropped his pants.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon as Mehdi Jafarnia and his wife were driving on Victory Boulevard near Erwin Street.

He said the man was driving aggressively when the two got into a confrontation at a stop light.

"He started to curse me so I returned the favor, then he decided to use his vehicle as a weapon, and he turned his vehicle to my vehicle and hit my car," Jafarnia said.

Jafarnia followed the man who then suddenly stopped, got out of his car and allegedly exposed himself.

The driver and his passenger took off again and Jafarnia followed behind as he called police.

At one point, the suspect stopped, backed up and hit Jafarnia's car before taking off again. The 911 operator then told him to stop following the other driver, who was in a rental car.

The road rage came just days after another wild encounter, where two drivers faced off on a freeway in Oceanside. The SUV driver then tried to hit the other man's car and it tipped over.

Police are now investigating the revealing roadway encounter as well.
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